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About Us

About Green Mount Consulting

We are a multi-disciplinary consulting and capacity development outfit comprising of seasoned, skilful and experienced resource persons

Our faculty has individually and collectively helped shape professionalize their previous places of employment and, in the process, garnered almost 150 years of useful experience in bank examination, auditing, finance, bank liquidation, research, entrepreneurship, strategy & corporate development, and human capital development. GMC, therefore, is armed with specialists who can develop and run programmes in the areas of Deposit Insurance, Banking Supervision, Enterprise Risk Management, Control and Compliance, Corporate Governance, Islamic Finance, Microfinance, Human Capital Development, Organizational & Personal Development, Entrepreneurship, and Strategic Management.


Green Mount Consulting can be relied upon to evaluate and develop tailor-made interventions for carefully delineated part of the organizational workforce, based on established needs, in order to shore up global performance and mandate achievement. We can also provide customized training or consultancy solutions to manage and improve underperforming organizations and individuals or work functions in an organization for the overall enhancement of the bottom line, better return on investment or the attainment of corporate goals.