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Mohammed Yayangida Umar

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Mohammed Yayangida Umar

Mohammed Y. Umar obtained his B. Sc. Accounting from Ahmadu Bello
University Zaria in 1983, a qualification with which he joined the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation in 1989 as Examination Assistant in the then Field Examination Department. He obtained an M. Sc. in Banking & Finance from Bayero University Kano in 1995.


A thoroughly accomplished technocrat, Mr. M. Y. Umar is a:

  1. Fellow, Association of National Accountants of Nigeria (FCNA)
  2. Fellow, Institute of Loan & Risk Management of Nigeria (ILRM)
  3. Fellow, Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Nigeria (ICPAN)
  4. Fellow, Inst. of Customer Service & Trade Management (ICSTM)
  5. Certified Risk Manager (CRM) of the Risk Management Association of Nigeria (RIMAN)


In the course of his career, he:

  1. Served in the first Zonal Office established by the Corporation in Kano in
  2. Served as the Head of Operations during the liquidation of the defunct
    Progress Bank Plc in Owerri, Imo State, between 1998 and 2000;
  3. Was the Zonal Controller, Benin Zonal Office between 2000 and 2009;
  4. Served as Deputy Director/Head of Group II in charge of eight (8) DMBs in the Bank Examination between 2000 and 2015;
  5. Was the Director, Research, Policy and International Relations
    Department, 2016 to 2018; and
  6. Was Director, Insurance and Surveillance Department, 2018 to 2019 when he retired from the services of the Corporation.


Umar is a trainer with the NDIC Academy and has delivered papers at various
Workshops and Conferences organized by the Corporation both locally and
internationally. Mr. Umar has attended dozens of courses in several prestigious
organizations locally and abroad with a few listed below.

  1. Bank Examiners Levels 1, 2,& 3, NDIC 1992 to 1996
  2. Effective Bank Inspection Course, FITC, 15 th – 26 th June, 1992
  3. Regional Workshop on Consolidated Supervision, OSFI, Canada/CBN. 2007
  4. Micro Finance Training, Ateneo De Manila, University, Ibadan, November 2008
  5. Risk-Based Supervision, OTA, Dept of the Treasury(USA)/NDIC, 23 rd – 24th April, 2012
  6. Macro Prudential Surveillance Course, Toronto Centre, Lagos, April 2014
  7. Advanced Banking Supervision and Financial Stability Course, WAIFEM, Lagos, 10th – 18th November, 2011
  8. Bank Examination Management School, Fed. Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC), USA, 1 st – 20 th November, 1993
  9. AGMs and IADI Annual conferences in South Korea, Switzerland and Canada, 2016 & 2017
  10. Banking Supervision Course, FSA (UK/NDIC) October, 1999
  11. Leadership for Extraordinary Performance, Darden University, Virginia, USA, September, 2009
  12. Payment, Clearing and Settlement System, WAIFEM, Banjul, The Gambia, 24th – 28th June, 2002
  13. Islamic Finance and Banking, Euromoney, London, UK, 30 th July – 1 st August, 2008
  14. W/Shop on Contemporary Issues, Trends & Best Practices in Fin. Sector Regulation and Supervision, CPT International Ltd, Dubai, UAE, 14th – 25th January, 2013


Mr. Umar is widely-traveled and loves meeting new people, being a team
player/worker and actively participates in physical exercises.